J-walz brings passion and fire to starchild x.  She contributes to songwriting, and is a dynamo on stage that forces you to stand up and take notice.

Her role in the group is constant, yet changes with every song.  She is unpredictable, which helps give starchild x an edge that can’t be defined.

“Music is the one thing the world has in common. It is the universal language. I pour every once of emotion into the songs we create.  There exists music for every emotion.  to know we could be making music that could potentially affect millions of people and make them feel anything at all, is a true blessing” 

Says Starchild “She brings so much to the table that its hard to describe.  as far as i’m concerned she has one of the best voices i’ve ever heard.  It’s an honour having her a part of Starchild x”.

J-walz feels the same. “Starchild x means so much to me because we have a mutual respect and appreciation of one another. There is a lot of heart in this group. And heart is the most important aspect of any artform.

J-Walz  xxx
J- Walz
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