Starchild X is the creation of Starchild.  He is the main songwriter, composer and producer.

The idea began in 2007.  To make music that was aggressive, dynamic, and full of energy, yet still containing the pop sensibilities of todays’s music.

“my influence stems from the political driven hip hop from the 80’s and the new wave sound that is currently experiencing a renaissance.  That’s where the fun lies I feel.  Mixing the two genres together and then adding a rock twist to make it interesting.  My rule in the studio is there are no rules.  I want to remain aggressive.” 

Co-producer Sheldon Moore plays a big part on how the songs are shaped.  “He’s amazing, so creative and versatile.  I owe a lot to him.  Our sound is partly his creation.  Bouncing ideas are easy.  we compliment each other well.”

The name of the album “VIOLENT BLOOM” typifies what the creation of this project represents.  “It’s an awakening, and sometimes awakenings aren’t easy.  There is a lot of struggle, pain, and violence.  The awakening for me has been a violent one.  That is why a lot of our songs contain a dark undertone”.

Starchild xxx
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